I suffered from debilitating tennis elbow.  Over the years, I had several cortisone shots, surgery, and physical therapy.  Nothing seemed to really help, except living on Advil which has horrible long term side effects.  A few weeks ago, my cousin suggested CBD oil (she swears it is helping her lose weight).  Honestly, I only tried it to humor her.  To my amazement, my elbows feel better!  It no longer hurts to pick up small things, like a pan or a toothbrush.  My quality of life has improved immensely.   I'm a believer!

- Denise, Naples FL

My massage therapist recommended CBD oil for inflammation as I kept having back issues. I started taking the 300mg drops and I haven't had any back flair ups. Then at a doctor's appointment, I was told that a 4.7cm cyst on my ovary was gone from just 2 months earlier! My doctor could't 100% confirm is was all from CBD oil, but she also couldn't deny it! 

- Wendy, Tampa FL

I highly recommend CBD of Naples!  They have great customer service and I trust their product.  As an entertainer, anxiety used to keep me from performing at my best.  I used Xanax when I wasn't performing, but couldn't take it when I was "on" because it made me sluggish.  Last year I started taking CBD oil - what a difference!  NO more anxiety and I'm actually sharper when I take it.  Not sure if it's making me smarter, or it's just calming my brain down to think clearer.  I recently read that CBD helps reduce anxiety in dogs (yes, my pet is just like me!).  My little guy goes nuts during storms.  I'm currently trying to find out the right dosage for a 25 lb dog so I can give him CBD when there are thunder storms.  

- Steve, Ft. Myers FL


I had a problem with spur growths on my foot, which also caused swelling and pain...did everything recommended by medical doctors except surgery. A friend told me about CBD of Naples.  They recommended "CTFO Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil".  Wow...it works!!!!   I am pleased to say on Friday I went to my doctor for my general check up and showed him the brochure and the products (I also use the peppermint flavor oil drops) and was happy to hear him approve of my choice of going natures way.

- Pearl, Lake Worth FL

This stuff is incredible!  I take 20 drops of the 300 mg before bedtime and it helps me fall asleep.  If I get up during the night, I fall right back to sleep.  Melatonin, chamomile and other natural remedies did not do it for me.  I highly recommend CBD for people who have sleep issues.  If you take it regularly, become a CTFO associate so you can save money. 

- Larry, Naples FL

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